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Studies for Children with Autism

Our researchers are interested in having families of children with Autism visit our lab or participate in our online studies. Check out our current online studies below! Please click on a study to learn more or sign up.

List of Kid Science Autism Studies
Age Range: 9 - 12 months
In this 15-minute study over Zoom, your baby will see a series of fun, colorful toys. An actor will also be on screen. Sometimes the actor will look at the camera and then back at the toy, suggesting they are "sharing attention" to the toy with your baby. Other times, the actor will just look at the toys. We will use gaze tracking to measure how well babies learn to recognize the toys. This study will help us understand how caregivers can support or distract from babies' learning.
This study requires that your infant has an older sibling with an autism diagnosis (proof will be requested)