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Current Online Studies


Check out our current online studies below! Please click on a study to learn more or sign up.


Table includes in the first column a list of our current studies with the titles being links to each study, and in the second column the appropriate age range of participants.
Study Topic Age Range
What do infants think about people who help others? 12 to 13 months
Who do infants prefer to imitate and learn from over Zoom? 14 to 24 months
How do kids predict an outcome? 2 to 3 years
How do kids make decisions? 2 to 3 years
How do kids learn about number? 2.5 to 5 years
How do kids learn about abstract properties? 3 years
How do kids think about choices and friendships? 4 to 6 years
How do kids' beliefs change? 5 years


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